“Cut!” Spare me your drama and I’ll spare you mine.

When is enough, ENOUGH?  If we are looking for the truth that sets us free from our self, calms the storms, and passes out peace to all us “let’s pretend people” and the weather, it is time to stop the never-ending litany of words and posturing that pollutes the air we breathe and forget to breathe.  The  I, me, my, myself, and mine that wants to be first in line within each one of us needs to strut and fret no more.

If the truth sets us free from extemporaneous opinion scripted to keep the spotlight on ourselves, a cause, or the past to upstage our real self, or other people, has to be set aside.

The tragedy of living the illusion of being more or less than I am to exist  keeps me from waking up to live an unscripted life in the present moment, without the roles that once held me captive within myself.

“Life’s but a walking shadow,
a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
and then is heard no more.”

William Shakespeare Macbeth, Act V. S.C.5

Shakespeare’s art form was given to mankind to liberate the soul of man, not just of an age in time and space. His poetry belongs to every age. In MacBeth, Shakespeare shows us the futility of sleepwalking as blind men and women throughout our layered lives without ever waking up.  Life has a way of saying, “Cut!”

We play the roles until the roles play us.   We either strut off stage and continue to dramatize  every thing we say and do; or we turn around and begin to peel away the layers.  We return to the core (the beginning to know the place for the first time)

Why do we shadow dance upon the stage with self-imposed limitations and opinions?
Some of us play ‘let’s pretend’  so well that we fool ourselves into believing:  This is it.