Soul Companions

In ancient mythology, a celestial collective of inspiration known as muses guided the gifted hands of artists, poets, and philosophers to profound and divine conclusions and creations. While our ability to ascend Mount Olympus is often inhibited by the daily trials and tribulations of this thing we call life, Jolene has been blessed by the influence of modern day muses of her own. Every bit as inspiring and powerful as the muses of old, these individuals have turned her into the artist, author, believer and person that she is today.

The powerful words of Thomas Merton and Edna St. Vincent Millay showed an inner strength that had long laid dormant, covered in the ashes of dreams deferred by self and society. The prodding and poking of Shakespeare’s carefully crafted verbal tapestries encouraged her to own the spotlight that had been carefully cultivated for her efforts and works. The insightful poetry of Stanley Kunitz, Rumi, and William Blake brought to life the embers of self-awareness that had been left unattended to fade into the night of tedium. The soulful masterpieces of Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Frieda stripped her down to the child within and forced her to embrace vulnerability as an asset- not a liability. Each of these creative forces of nature still hold the ability to reduce her to tears in a cleansing realization of an ever evolving sense of being.

Each of us encounter individuals and works that serve as muses in our lives on a daily basis, even if we don’t realize it immediately. Being open to their influence is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for sustainable growth. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” Keeping an open heart and diligent work ethic will lead you to the muses we all so desperately seek.

These hand painted dolls represent the metaphorical muses we see in our daily lives. From whimsical and delicate to bold and expressive, they serve as daily reminders to seek out inspiration in the people and world around us. Providing the comfort and magic that the dolls of our childhood once gave us, these muse dolls are a decorative way to inject the innocence of childhood back into our lives.  Regardless, of one’s age, there is an amazing child within each one of us who is waiting to be found free and unconditionally loved.  “Therein, is the peace that passes all understanding.”

Jolene loves that she gets to share these muses with you in her gallery. While not available for purchase, she hopes these dolls will inspire you.